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Map Me. RentMen: What are your lifestyle specifics that makes who you are? JasonStyles: My life style is that of a I hard working college student. I find great joy in working hard to accomplish your dreams and do right by yourself! I love setting myself up for success because then I have a lot more time to have fun, hangout with friends and family, and meet new people! Some other thing RentMen: What kind of diet and fitness regime do you follow?

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JasonStyles: One of the main health regimens that I follow is that I do not drink alcohol or use any kind of drugs. I do not judge anybody who does, but I find that more me it is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. I definitely try to avoid overly greasy and sugary foods and definitely no soda.

A balanced die RentMen: What are your hobbies, what do you like to do in your spare time?

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Ball Gag - Good for beginners, or those who want something simple, this long-established classic device is designed to stop the wearer opening and closing their mouth by placing a ball between the teeth. When approaching a gay escort in the UK usually happens in a quick manner and the client cannot fully look at them or communicate with them, and the internet provides the client with as much information and images as the client may feel they need. Escot is Offline This model has gone offline. One of the most popular items is the well-known ball gag. Reviewed by DonMichael 2 hours ago. Mulatto Latino XL Dominant. Having a clean ass is going to be extremely helpful or at least not distracting when meeting with a client.

JasonStyles: I am pretty simple when it comes to hobbies. I really do love to play piano for myself. I find that it relaxes me and gives me a time to take my mind of things for a little while, or it can also help me process more challenging things in life. Other than that, I love to head down town to hangout wi My Hashtags:.

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Henry Noah London. Click here: www. Let him know all of the details of your perfect fantasy date plan. Once your gay escort agrees, go ahead and book your appointment for the fantasy date.

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Role-playing is appealing to many men because it offers an opportunity, and an excuse, to become someone else for a while. Get your gay escort to dress up in the appropriate outfit, so that you can play out you favourite or specific fantasy scene. Taking the lead in a BDSM experience can give you a huge ego boost, if your gay escort fantasy involves power play.

Using props and accessories can greatly enhance this fantasy date with your ultimate gay escort. Click here to claim your free gift! Fetishes are the spice of life and everyone has their own particular kink that they just want to enjoy. The world of gay sex is incredibly varied and indulging and exploring your favourite fetishes with a gay escort is a real joy. The sexy guys on www. Kinks and fetishes are completely normal and come in a wide and wonderful variation from mild to completely wild, to fetishes that need lots of equipment and imagination and to kinks that need nothing at all. The definition of a fetish is really anything that gets you aroused, anything that gets you excited and hard, so whatever it is that you like, ask a gay escort to indulge it with.

Bondage Fetish — One of the most common gay fetishes surrounds some sort of restraints and bondage, whether you want to be the dominant or the submissive the BDSM side of kink is very appealing and very easy to accomplish for anyone who thinks this sounds like fun. A bed frame and some ropes can get you started and then lots of exciting hardware can be added at a later date if you want to explore this further.

Adding whips, spreader bars, handcuffs and gags can be used to make this a totally immersive sexual experience. Materials Fetish - Sometimes a fetish can be the feel of a certain material. Leather, Latex, PVC and Nylon are highly popular within the gay community, and it isn't hard to see why; these materials not only look hot but can feel amazing to wear too.

Foot Fetish — One of the most common fetishes, that ranges from simply adoring the foot, to wearing certain shoes, or smelling, touching, licking the feet for a true foot worshipful experience the best way to do this is with a gay escort who can truly understand how to give you the best fetish experience. Even if they don't, they may still be willing to help you to fulfil yours, as not speaking out - and being a little experimental with your sex life - can leave you feeling unsatisfied which is where gay escorts come in! As with all kinks and gay sex fetishes and any experience with a gay escort setting ground rules and having great communication is the best way to get what you want.

Find the best gay escorts for your gay sex fetish on www.

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Whether you are hardcore into BDSM or just want to try something a little bit more adventurous or naughty with your gay escort, then trying out a gag might just be the best thing you have ever done! Wherever you are on the scale, planning a fun, experimental night in with your gay escort should definitely include a mouth gag. One of the most popular items is the well-known ball gag.

Adding an extra dimension to your bedroom scene, there are a range of gags to suit every level and preference. If you are looking for a gay escort who enjoys playing with gags and gagging as much as you do then search for a BDSM gay escort on www. If you have never played with gags before you probably need to know the different types that are available to you so you know what you want to try, or for fun why not hire a dungeon with a gay escort and try them all!

Ball Gag - Good for beginners, or those who want something simple, this long-established classic device is designed to stop the wearer opening and closing their mouth by placing a ball between the teeth.

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It allows you to breathe but restricts speaking. This gag is guaranteed to inspire submission and humiliation roleplay. Open Mouth Gags - This one steps it up a level. These gags force the mouth wide open, allowing complete domination of your sub.

Extra benefits? You can be assured that there will be no accidental, mid-scene biting to halt proceedings. Inflatable Gags - Exactly as they sound, these gags provide something a little bit different, something more unusual that you probably do not find as a part of everyday gay sex. There are all sorts of choices on the adult industry market for you to consider. Inflatable gags with attached dildos, spider mouth gags and bone fetish gags.


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