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John Mellencamp

Conversely, you can meet men who have been doing this for a while and would love to meet you. Connect with gay men on our gay dating site in Clearwater, FL. Mellencamp has also honed his skills by his own self-education in art history, visiting museums across Europe and America whenever he was on tour and studying a broad spectrum of artists and the mechanics of their work and by looking at signs and billboards out the windows of cars and buses while crisscrossing the country.

According to Sheets, "In recent years, Mellencamp has incorporated the looser, more jangly rhythms of street art into panoramic canvases that reflect his social and political activism also present in his music. Everything is a possible painting.

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Nationally known art writer Lilly Wei, who interviewed Mellencamp for Studio International , also wrote a brief essay, in which she points out, "Mellencamp is a writer and often uses words in his paintings, from the graffiti scribbled across earlier work inspired by what he saw in the streets and Jean-Michel Basquiat to his present versions of text painting, a genre that is increasingly commonplace in works by artists such as Lawrence Weiner, Richard Prince, Glenn Ligon and Christopher Wool.

Mellencamp, who works in a very different, very personal idiom, makes plainspoken paintings, he says, because he's a plainspoken man. If these works are any indication, plain painting can be extraordinarily eloquent.

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The exhibit included 50 oil and mixed-media paintings, including several never-before seen by the public. Mellencamp's latest painting exhibition, titled Life, Death, Love, and Freedom named in honor of his critically acclaimed album's 10th anniversary , was on display at the ACA Galleries from April 26 through June 2, Harper Collins published Paintings and Reflections , an overview of Mellencamp's earlier work as a painter, in Mellencamp has made several forays into acting over the years, appearing in four films: Falling from Grace which he also directed , Madison , narration only , After Image , and Lone Star State of Mind His older brother, Joe Mellencamp, appears in Falling from Grace as the bandleader during the country club scene along with his band Pure Jam.

In , Mellencamp turned down the lead role in the movie The Idolmaker because, as he told the Toledo Blade in , "I was afraid that if I made too much money, I'd have no motivation to make records anymore.

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Mellencamp told VH1 that he was originally offered the Brad Pitt role in Thelma and Louise : "You know they used to want me to be an actor all the time and I used to get more movie role offers. That's when I was — believe it or not, I used to not be as ugly as I am now. I was that close. Mellencamp wrote the score for the Meg Ryan movie Ithaca , which premiered on October 23, at the Middleburg Film Festival in Virginia and was released in theaters and on-demand by Momentum Pictures on September 9, He did everything," said Ryan, Mellencamp's on-again, off-again girlfriend.

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John Mellencamp wrote every note — everything — the tiny little needle drops you hear in the back. He wrote about half of it after I read him the script, and then the next half after he saw the movie. He's just incredible. Meanwhile, the piano-heavy "Seeing You Around" has the sound of a s standard the movie takes place during World War II and is made all the more authentically '40s-sounding by Redbone's gruff, baritone vocals. Mellencamp's band provided the backing on both tracks and performed all the music that is in the movie. Said Carter in "The way John Mellencamp and I met was he invited me to come and sing this song he had written for the movie that Meg Ryan has coming out called Ithaca.

That was when we became friends, when I went to Indiana and recorded with him and the guys this really cool song called 'Sugar Hill Mountain' that's in the movie. And the movie is wonderful.

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We got to see a rough cut of it and I was very impressed. Mellencamp began working on a musical with horror author Stephen King , entitled Ghost Brothers of Darkland County , in The musical debuted in the spring of at Alliance Theatre in Atlanta , Georgia, where it ran from April 4 through May In November , Mellencamp told the Chicago Tribune :. All the music has been recorded.

I wrote all the songs, 17 songs. T Bone produced.

It sounds like the 'Sgt. Pepper' of Americana to me. Forget about the play, just the songs, the way these people sing them. I'm sitting there listening to it and thinking, "Did Rosanne Cash just kill that song or what! If you could imagine Tennessee Williams meets Stephen King.

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They're recording the dialogue now and we're putting out a record of the entire show before it comes out. So you'll get all the dialogue, all the sound effects, and all the songs sung by different people so you can follow the story. The CD will come out ahead of time. So many people are involved, it's taken a long time.

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But we don't have to worry about money or record companies — it's our own money we're putting into it, so we said, let's just make something beautiful. This one, though, is not only tolerable, it's good. It may be the first-ever musical written by men for men. There's no orchestra, just two twangy acoustic guitars, an accordion, and a fiddle. The songs are both haunting and all-American. The Alliance Theatre described the show as a "Southern Gothic musical fraught with mystery, tragedy and ghosts of the past.

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In the tiny town of Lake Belle Reve, Mississippi in , a terrible tragedy took the lives of two brothers and a beautiful young girl. During the next forty years, the events of that night became the stuff of local legend. But legend is often just another word for lie. Joe McCandless knows what really happened; he saw it all. The question is whether or not he can bring himself to tell the truth in time to save his own troubled sons, and whether the ghosts left behind by an act of violence will help him — or tear the McCandless family apart forever. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County received mixed reviews upon its initial run in Atlanta.

The musical toured 20 U. In , the show was further developed in London, although King and Mellencamp are no longer as actively involved: "Steve and I are taking a step back In October , it was announced that Broadway Licensing have redeveloped Ghost Brothers of Darkland County and made it available for worldwide licensing beginning in In , Mellencamp became one of the first entertainers to speak out against the Iraq War when he released the song "To Washington", which was also critical of the U. Presidential elections.

The Governor of California was removed from office based on finance troubles. And yet, George W. Bush has lied to us, failed to keep our own borders secure, entered a war under false pretense, endangered lives, and created financial chaos. How is it that he hasn't been recalled? Perhaps this time we could even have a real election Take an election; take an oil field; take advantage of your own people — a game of political Three-Card Monte.

Bush "The bloody red eyes of the rodeo clown". However, Army officials barred Baez from performing. He told Rolling Stone magazine:.


They didn't give me a reason why she couldn't come. We asked why and they said, 'She can't fit here, period. According to a February 8, , Associated Press report, Mellencamp's camp asked that the campaign for presidential candidate Sen. McCain's campaign responded by pulling the songs from their playlist. Mellencamp's publicist, Bob Merlis, noted to the Associated Press:. If [McCain is] such a true conservative, why [is he] playing songs that have a very populist pro-labor message written by a guy who would find no argument if you characterized him as an ardent leftist?

Merlis also noted that the same songs had been used, with Mellencamp's approval, by John Edwards's campaign ; in response, the McCain campaign ceased using the songs.

Mellencamp also performed "Our Country" at a rally for Hillary Clinton in Indianapolis , Indiana, on May 3, , although he never came out in support of either Obama or Clinton during the primaries. In , Mellencamp's music was used by the National Organization for Marriage at events opposing same-sex marriage. Mellencamp's views on same sex marriage and equal rights for people of all sexual orientations are at odds with NOM's stated agenda" and requesting that NOM "find music from a source more in harmony with your views than Mr.

Mellencamp in the future. Mellencamp supported Michael Bloomberg in his presidential campaign by taping a Bloomberg campaign ad that featured Mellencamp singing Small Town.